Sunday, May 12, 2013

San Francisco Stitch Company's Spring Spellbinder 2013 Wall Hanging

I love San Francisco Stitch Company's embroidery designs.  They've just started a mystery wall hanging called "Spring Spellbinder 2013."  The theme is taking a trip to somewhere in the world.  Each week they send you a design to stitch out.  I'm loving it.  The designs are beautiful, the instructions are complete, and it's fun to see what the next week will bring.  I have just finished the designs for weeks one, two, and three.

Have any idea where we might be going?


  1. Hi Joanne. I first met you on the 830 list and hopped over here to see your blog. I love your potholders! Where did that owl embroidery come from. I have a 730 and an 830 and love them both! I am also subscribed to the San Francisco stitch company list... Just haven't got started yet...I will be following along with your blog... Gail

  2. Two things I would suggest... Change your settings... Comments... To registered users, moderated and get rid of the verification. Most people don't like the word verification. Some of them are hard to read.

    Second, it would be nice to follow you through email, or bloglovin or something of your choice so I can automatically see your updates.

    Just sayin... LOL